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Hair Care Tips: Falling hair is bothering you, 3 ways to make hair stronger – Pledge Times

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Hair Care Tips: Your hair plays an important role in your beauty. If your hair is not healthy then it looks like a stain in your beauty. Today’s lifestyle and food have a very bad effect on your health and hair. Due to which your hair starts falling and deteriorating. To avoid this, you adopt all methods or medicines that can cause great harm to your hair, so today we are going to tell you some home remedies to get rid of hair problem.

Ways to stop hair loss

Pack yogurt and neem
If your hair is falling out then you can get rid of the falling hair by using a hair mask of neem and curd. For this, grind neem leaves and mix well with curd. Then apply this paste on your hair and wash it for at least half an hour. By applying it on the hair regularly, the problem of your falling hair is less, along with it, your white hair also becomes black.

Massage with oil
To keep your hair healthy, you must always keep moisture in them. For this you should massage your hair regularly. It gives shine and strength to your hair. It also makes you hair thicker. For this, you must heat mustard oil in your hair and apply massage on your hair. With this, your hair will start getting better in a few days.

Pack lemon and yogurt
Do you know that curd and lemon are very beneficial to prevent hair fall. This pack of curd and lemon works to stop your hair fall and give it a natural shine. It also provides moisture by eliminating the dryness of your skin. For this, mix a few drops of lemon in curd and apply it on the hair and wash it after a while.

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